Classical Ballet classes, amongst other things, develop discipline, technique, strength and control. It creates a foundation for all other dance genres. We offer classes from Bumble Bee Ballet (age 2) upward into the Graded Exams.

The aim of the Imperial Classical Ballet Faculty is to increase the standard and appreciation of Classical Ballet, both in performance and in teaching. Founded over fifty years ago, this Faculty continues to exert a strong influence in the international promotion of the English classical style.

Within the Syllabi, children and students are encouraged to acquire a sound basic technique combined with an understanding of co-ordination and musical interpretation which are the essentials of a pure classical training. Numerous outstanding teachers, and classical dancers in major international ballet companies, have been wholly trained within the Imperial Classical Ballet syllabi.

The syllabi have been carefully developed in order to provide a fully comprehensive training both for children and young adults who wish to dance for pleasure and for those interested in a professional training and, therefore, wishing to study for the major Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 exams.

VMA Dance students have the option to take BTDA Rose Awards & Medal Tests and ISTD Graded Examinations. Some of our students also participate in local dance festivals.