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The timetable for April is below. We will be adjusting for May so any requests please let me know.

Please go to "book a class" , Date Range select "April" and Venue select "Other"


We are a small local business and apprecate all your support. With your help we can still have an amazing dance school to return to when all this is over.

Book online now for virtual classes for April. For £20 a month you get unlimited access to our online live classes and prerecorded video link and worksheets. 
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Thank you for all your support so far, we really appreciate it. 


Monthly online subscription

As some of you have seen are running a subscription package for our online classes. For £20 a month (£5 a week) you will have unlimited access to our online Zoom classes and all our Youtube Pre-recorded videos. We have a timetable of at least 10 Zoom classes a week and you can join as many as you wish. That means if you join all 10 classes you will only be paying 50p a class! 


The April classes are up and running and you can join now!  The month will cover from Mon 30th March-Thurs 30th April.

Each month all those that have subscribed will receive the password for our zoom classes and weekly links to our Youtube videos meaning you can dancing online at a regular class or use our Youtube videos to dance when works for you. 

New videos will be going up on youtube each week so you can do something different each time or find your favourite and stick to that.